Alex Vasquez
Alex Vasquez

Alex Vasquez

Position: Client Acquisition

With more than 14 years in marketing, Alex is an expert in the field.  His broad range of expertise has covered all aspects of marketing and he has spent the last 5 years with an in depth focus on digital and eCommerce marketing. 

Alex has worked with the giants in digital media like Facebook, Instagram and Google managing more than $5 million in ad spend on Facebook alone. 

His experience in digital marketing and direct response advertising campaigns has covered more than 15 different industries.  This has given him a clear insight into the pressure points and market capture criteria across many industries and industry types. 

No matter what industry your business is from, Alex understands and be able to analyze your needs to strategize how OptimizeX best supports and boosts your market capture.

Alex’s earlier career as a successful TV Producer/Video Editor had much of his work presented to international markets which has further broadened his expertise in analyzing and finding solutions in multicultural markets and customer bases. 

With all this knowledge Alex is not only a champion in digital marketing and a dedicated client acquisition expert but he also finds the time to mentor, coach and teach marketing teams on how to better connect with the people who matter most to them and their companies through effective strategies.

Alex is as proud as we are to have him as part of the OptimizeX team and family in providing an essential service that supports and boosts the success of eCommerce businesses from startups to enterprise level.